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Online comprehensive resource center with Florida standard forms and contracts. Plus, access continuous support and advice from a licensed real estate broker, who is an active real estate investor themselves. 

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Questions Title Companies are being asked by Investors & Wholesalers

Yes. we are very savvy with many wholesaling techniques and a verity of investors business models. give us a call to discuss your specific business model and learn how we can help.

We work with investors and wholesalers regularly.

Closing costs can very significantly from on transaction to another. You can learn more details in our Closing Costs in Florida Guide.  Any closing costs are splat between the end-buyers and sellers in accordance with the terms of the contract documents.

Closing costs include  charges such as title searches & title insurance premiums, escrow & settlement charges, as well as other governmental and municipal charges such as transfer and documentary taxes. Depends on the nature of the transaction, closing cost may also include notary, signing, and other transaction specific charges.

Yes! If you process more then 5 transactions or more then $1M in property volume per month, please contact us to discuss your specific scenario and calculate your discounts.

We do not start the title work and do not conduct any title searches before the end-buyer’s deposit is in. Any title work or title searches required prior to the acceptance of end-buyer’s deposit is conducted for an upfront fee on a case-by-case basis.

Yes! in many cases we can complete transactions and signing vcompletely online with no dependency on the physical location of the buyers and sellers. For those rear cases where online signing is not possible, we utilize a nationwide network of mobile notaries that can travel to almost any location withtin the USA.

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