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What does a title company do?

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Title Exams

Get Current Owner Search, Two Owner Search or Full Insurable Title Search As fast as in 24 hours

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Title Reviews

Professional title reviews of current ownership rights with actionable insights on title marketability

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Municipal Lien Searches

Discover unrecorded municipal liens, code violations, utility balances and open or expired permits

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Title Clearing

Get an insightful ledger balance of existing dues and claims that affect the marketability of your title.

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Escrow Funds Management

Ensure proper & rightful disbursement of funds according to the conditions contractually agreed to by the transacting parties

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Transfers of Title

Via quitclaim, Transfer-of-death, Warranty or other deed instruments. We can surely accommodate your situation

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Title Insurance Policies

Protect the rights of your property purchase ownership. Avoid the risk of inheriting any liens or encumbrances

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Mobile & Online Closings

When it's time to close, we send our closing agent to you. If the situation allows, we might even be able to have you sign via video-conference*

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Public-Document Recording

Let the public discern your property ownership. Comply with Florida state laws and establish your position in the chain-of-title

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The Basics of Real Estate title and Closings

What does a title company Do?

Between Title Insurance, Escrow Funds Management & Proper Transfers of Ownership a Title Company provide variety of services, many of which are specified and can be learned about in this page. Could find something you looked for? fell free to contact us directly

The Escrow Agent, or Escrow Company are responsible for a proper disbursement of the buyers funds, according to the terms and conditions which are agreed upon and specified in the sales contract.

In Florida, A Title Company could essentially also be an Escrow Company. In many of the Real Estate transactions in Florida, the Title company also plays the role of the “Escrow Agent” in addition to their role as the “Title Agent” and a “Closing Agent”

When representing a seller, a Title Company might issue a Title Policy, if the seller is the one paying for it, not before conducting all the proper preliminary due-diligence to ensure a free and clear transfer of title.

The Title Company will also hold the seller proceed funds in escrow, until all the terms of the purchase contract have been met and then will disburse these funds accordingly.

Last, The title company will draft all the seller conveyance documents which will later be used to convey the title from the seller to the buyer.

When representing a buyer, a Title Company might issue a Title Policy, if the buyer is the one paying for it, not before conducting all the proper preliminary due-diligence to ensure a free and clear transfer of title.

Second, The Title Company will order a survey of the property boundary lines on your behalf and communicate with your lender to:

a. Determine your final closing costs and charges,

b. Ensure they are provided will all of the required title information for closing

Last, the title company will conduct the “Closing” by scheduling a meeting with the buyer or buyers to sign all of their purchase documents and mortgage documents, if they have a mortgage.

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